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BSG Cargo, SRL

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Company Name: BSG Cargo, SRL
Company Address: Deposito No.7, Las Americas Int’l Airport, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phone Number: 809-549-0367
Fax Number: 809-549-0367
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BSG Cargo, SRL, is a freight forwarding company with over 45 years of experience in the industry, providing cargo handling for airlines, with a 86,000 square feet warehouse, cooler and equipment ramp. As  IATA Cargo Agent,we handle shipping from The Dominican Republic to all over the word, Consolidation and Custom Clearance. Our services are:

Freight Forwarder:

As certified air cargo agents (IATA Member) we are able to handle (accept, document and deliver) any type of cargo from SDQ to any airport destination overseas after having met all regulations and restrictions of the airlines involved, as set up by IATA and/or  the Governments of the countries of origin, transit and final destination.


Within our 86,000 square meters facilities we have room to store import and export cargo as well as an area for ULD and OTHER EQUIPMENT protection and a cooler for perishable cargo.

Import Storage

 Our 30,000 square feet import cargo warehouse has a two level steel rack system that allows vertically storing import cargo.  Multi level intact LD3s complete our import storage system and protect shipments from deterioration thus allowing for easy location of shipments to benefit our clients.

Export Storage

 Our 12,000 square feet import cargo warehouse also has a two level steel rack system that allows vertically storing export cargo once in containers and protected with security seals received from the carriers.

ULD and Other Equipment Protection Area

 Our 43,000 square feet fenced protection area complies with all the requirements for the protection and control of our client’s-usually air carriers-containers and equipment.  Their containers and equipment are kept under strict control and surveillance in this area.

Custom Clearance:

This service includes all custom paperwork, payment of duties and shipment removal, with the written consent of the importer.  No taxes, surcharges or penalties or sums of such nature are be paid by BSG Cargo, S.A. under this service, for they must be covered by the importer.


We can consolidate shipments in our export warehouse gathering them under the same air waybill as requested by the carrier.  We are also in the capacity to deconsolidate their imports, notify and deliver the import documents to every recipient in the air waybill, always in the line with the written instructions from our client.

Pick-up and Delivery:

Daily ground service offered to import and export clients from the airport to their premises and from their facilities to our warehouse at the airport in 25-feet trucks.

The delivery service can be combined with custom clearing service in the case of imports while the pick up service can be used for export situations.  This service is safer, faster and more convenient for users insofar as it provides better coordination between shipper, agent and carrier, thus amounting to a more fluid and efficient service.


With or without a handling agreement between the parties, we can help you to obtain, from the local Civil Aviation Authorities, the landing per-mite you may require for the operation of all-cargo charter flights to Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo, if such applications are always in accordance with a pre-established flight schedule in order that we may have the necessary time to present the application and obtain the landing permit inside the limits of your flight schedule.

Cooler Storage:

Our 1,200 square feet coolers have been designed to protect exports of perishables (vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc.) as well as imported perishables (vaccines, medicines, etc.).  With a capacity of 12,000 cubic feet, it can be accessed from outside to protect the exports requiring it, and access from within the import warehouse to provide protection to imported perishables received though our own facilities.  Placed on the northern flank of our warehouse, it has a large gate for cargo handling with fork-lifts and dollies.


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  • BSG Cargo, SRL


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