What is Forwarderlist

Forwarderlist.comis an online environment for contacting new company, connecting with companies, and sharing ideas. We noticed that online services have become overly specialized. For example, many services focus on a singular purpose such as dating, connecting classmates, or organizing by interest groups. But, people are social beings and don’t like being forced into separate buckets for different things. So Forwarderlist has understood that need and taken a more broad approach, we want to make the Internet more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. For a Forwarderlist member, purpose can evolve over time and expand in unexpected directions – from reconnecting with companies.


How can I find companies on Forwarderlist?

With Forwarderlist.com, people can connect through mutual companies and interests—including other companies other sector than yours—meet new manager to do business, and share ideas.


What does this all cost?

Forwarderlist membership is US$ 65.00. Members will always be able to join and maintain a profile for FREE.

Why are we telling you all this? Well, we’re building a community here at Forwarderlist. And we want all our members to know where we’re coming from.


Powerful Ways to Connect

Over the next few months, we’ll be launching all sorts of features that the world has never seen before! Yup, we like to push the envelope here at Forwarderlist. Stay tuned